The Leadership Roundtable

Successfully Connected

Join your Central Ontario peers who are equally dedicated to
being sincere, trusted and effective leaders
in a confidential and supportive learning and development environment.

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About the Program

  • Are you on the path to becoming a leader that others want to follow and emulate?
  • Are you consciously shaping your organization’s culture?
  • How do you want your people describing you and your organization to others?

The Leadership Roundtable program is designed for leaders like you who are asking themselves these same questions.  

This is not a classroom.  It’s a safe environment in which you will:

  • Be introduced to new concepts/tools/ideas
  • Be able to bounce ideas/successes/challenges off your peers
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Expand your perspectives and adjust your filters. 
  • Expand your leadership acumen

You will:

  • Know how to have conversations that influence others so that things get done while fostering productive relationships. 

  • Be the leader that you need to be to enable your team to reach its goals while fostering productive and respectful working relationships. 

  • Be more successful in initiating change initiatives by overcoming roadblocks, gaining buy-in, leveraging support and meeting staff where they are in the change cycle. 

  • Regain control of your time in you leadership role so that you have time and energy to devote to the other priorities and people in your life. 

  • Be more adept at engaging and mobilizing the people in your organization so that they feel more valued and connected to your organization’s mission and vision. 

About Peer Coaching

You will experience the power of peer coaching each month

You are ready if…


One of the reasons coaching is so effective is that it provides you with an accountability partner.  That doesn’t mean that you are accountable to your peer.  What it means is that you have made a commitment to yourself in front of someone to hold yourself accountable for some action.

Being Coachable & Being Coach

In a peer coaching relationship, you are sometimes the coach and other time the person being coached.  As a leader, if you want to be someone that is a role model as a leader, it is imperative that you become a coachable leader.

A New Lens and Filters

One of the many benefits of being coached is the opportunity to look at situations with a new lens and try some different filters.  As the coach, you will use this technique to broaden other people’s thinking.  As the person being coached, you may be surprised how easy it is to come up with new perspectives that open up possibilities you may not have previously considered.



At this point, there are two Leadership Roundtable group types. 

One group is for you if you are a key decision maker in your organization.  You are accountable to a board, a council, shareholders or in the case of many entrepreneurs, to yourself.

The other group is for you if you report to a key decision maker as described above.

How does it work?

Your group will meet monthly for 4-8 months for 3 to 4 hours each month.  


Each group will consist of 6-12 people who you would consider to be your peers.

Will everyone in the group be from the same sector?

Likely not.  In the interest of expanding your perspectives and challenging your filters, a disparate group of members will serve that purpose much better. 


If you have a specific need for a homogeneous group, please contact me and I will gladly chat to see if I can help make that happen for you.  My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

How can people from another sector possibly understand my world?

I would encourage you to challenge your beliefs.  From my experience coaching and consulting to organizations in several sectors, I find that people are people are people.  Not to mention, that the leadership development work we will be doing is much more about your development as an emotionally intelligent leader.

Will we be talking about my business challenges?

As much as business issues certainly can stand in the way of organization’s success, these groups are focusing on your leadership acumen and effectiveness.  Having said that, you will no doubt form a bond with one or more people in the group who you can connect with outside of our Leadership Roundtable sessions.

What about confidentiality?

Trust and confidentiality are cornerstones of Roundtable groups.  Of course, you and every member of your group will be signing a confidentiality agreement. I am bound by the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation.  As for trust, it takes time. Part of what I believe I bring to the group is an environment that is conducive to building trust and rapport. You will be surprised as to how quickly a group can gel with professional facilitation.

Are you ready?

You are ready if…


If you what you have read is resonating with you.

You’re ready!


If you recognize that there is value in setting time aside to work on your leadership acumen.

You’re ready!


If recognize the value that a peer coach and a professional coach facilitator can bring to your development. 

You’re ready!


If you are prepared to be open to your own behavioural change. 

You’re ready!


If you can make the Leadership Roundtable meeting times a priority and have the development budget. 

You’re Ready!

Ready to give your Leadership acumen a boost?

After completing the form, I will be in touch with you within 24 hours to answer any questions that you may have.  You are under no obligation to enrol.

Sophie Mathewson, PCC

Leadership Roundtable Facilitator

President, Prism Grouop Int’l

My goal is to create an environment and provide tools most conducive to your development and success.  Your success is my success!  

I hope to see you in an upcoming Leadership Roundtable group.

About your facilitator & coach

Unlike other experts in this area, I am one of the most seasoned executive coaches in the country. In addition to multiple client success stories, I am: one of the earliest to receive  an ICF (International Coach Federation) Professional Certified Coach coaching designation in Canada; certified in multiple highly validated assessment tools for development and selection; the author of the HR Manager’s Guide to Coaching (published by Carswell a Division of Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd.); a faculty member of a leading coach training school.; and, coach to two ICF GTA Chapter award winners for demonstrating business results through coaching.